Banjo Kazooie Art


Nearing the announcement and after the Banjo and Kazooie in Smash, I started doing some art related to the Banjo Kazooie franchise. I've always been a huge Rare fan (see my Killer Instinct stuff!) and I grew up playing lots of Banjo during the N64 days. As I started experimenting with Blender I took the opportunity to do some stuff related to Banjo. In addition, I recolored Banjo and Kazooie's official renders before their official alts were released. I based them on the recolors they had for the Banjo Tooie multiplayer modes.


I also got back to some video editing and compositing for Banjo Kazooie. Way before June 2019 when Banjo Kazooie were officially released, I made this fake troll "leak" video on September 2018 in hopes of getting a real Banjo and Kazooie reveal... I wanted to troll on Waluigi fans a well (nothing personal, just wanted to taunt the fan base a bit). Enjoy!




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