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Bombillazo Studios

Creativity. Technology. Business. Bombillazo Studios provides services ranging from software/hardware projects to multimedia solutions.

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Hello, World!

Bombillazo is a project started in 2003 as an afternoon hobby (then known as Bombillazo Studios) to learn and create digital content and art for online forums. Since then it has become a personal business project with an expanded scope. Bombillazo is always open to potential new ventures.


The name BOMBILLAZO (pronounced bom-bee-JAH-zo) is a combination of the word "bombilla" (Spanish for "light bulb") with the Spanish augmentative/agent suffix "azo". The closest, most literal translation to English would be "Lightbulber". As light bulbs are commonly used as a symbol of brightness and ideas, the name alludes to a person or entity that comes up with new and smart ideas. Striving for innovation, the name "El Bombillazo" ("The Lightbulber") was adopted as an online moniker. Later all work and efforts were unified under a single identity, thus Bombillazo is used as a moniker as well as the brand name for the project and subsidiaries.

Hector Ayala

Creator, "El Bombillazo"

Bombillazo Founder // Computer Engineer

From a very young age I was fascinated by science, computers and technology (thanks, Jurassic Park and Nintendo). I also had a very vivid imagination. Be it with LEGO blocks, crayons, Mario Paint, modeling clay or Kid Pix on a Macintosh, I spent countless hours building and inventing new things. As I grew up I started to design and create more complex ideas with LEGO Mindstorms and learn web programming and digital video editing with online tutorials. With all those influences I decided to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. Now I feel blessed to be able to work in a field where I can combine both the love and skills of technology with the passion of creating.

Although a firm believer that one person can make a big difference, my goal is to collaborate with other passionate individuals or teams to achieve greater achievements. Our success must always be grounded on integrity, commitment, skills and the desire to exceed.

Puerto Rico, U.S.A.

"La Isla del Encanto"

The "motherland" of Bombillazo, Puerto Rico is a beautiful tropical island in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. An unincorporated territory and Commonwealth of the United States of America, this small paradise has gorgeous environments, talented professionals and a unique cultural wealth.

Many business and technology opportunities can be found here, and Bombillazo will work to be involved in those solutions. For more information on doing business in Puerto Rico, click here.