Metroid Hazard


This series of screenshots are mockups for a concept Metroid 5 game, Metroid Hazard. The game would take place after Metroid Fusion, several months after the events with the X parasite in the Biological Space Laboratories. It would have been released for the Nintendo DS. There was never a game development behind this, it was more as a proof of concept fo the game. This screens were done in Photoshop in the days I was learning how to use the editor and experimenting with sprite editing.

Title screen for the Nintendo DS.

The story would start off in a new, top secret lab established in the home planet of the Metroids, SR-388.

The game would feature similar cutscenes to Metroid Fusion. In her journey, Samus tries to sneak into a captured Galactic Federation ship.

Samus delves into the deep underground of Trytax, a planet harboring a Space Pirate stronghold.

Samus arrives at the SR388 Labs Quarantine Vault to find utter destruction. Whatever escaped had no mercy.

A Metroid nest! In their natural habitat, Metroids have started to breed once again.

Samus travels to Phendrana II to look for Chozo records that could help her understand the origins and purpose of the Metroids.

Sector Hyecias is located on planet Hicens, a toxic planet ravaged by war and once dominated by a long gone hellish alien civilization.

The game would've featured 2D multiplayer battles, a first for the Metroid series.

The game would elt you choose variety of Samus suits for deathmatches. Fusion Suit, SA-X, Varia Suit, Dark Samus.

This set of suits included the Jungle Suit, Lava Suit, Phazon Suit, Power Suit.

You also had unlockable suits which you could get by completing certain actions. Dark Suit, Light Suit, ???, ???.

A variety of locked Samus suits for deathmatches. ???, ???, ???, ???.

You could also select different stages from different Metroid games.

As well as new stages from new planets to the series.

More stages to battle in.

The game would feature free for all deathmatches. Here 4 players shoo out on the Hicens stage.

A team deathmatch on the SR-388 stage.




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